Thursday, August 5, 2010

The influence of Godly women in my life....

As I sit here this morning I have the overwhelming  gratitude and appreciation for all the Godly women in my life. I am so thankful for each and everyone of them. As many of you know living the "Christian " life is not always an easy road to take. I am christian, no, not perfect just forgiven, and I find that these Godly women in my  life have  always been there to lend and ear , or a shoulder to cry on, a word of scripture, a prayer,  or just something as simple as a hug. My mom , who has taught me so much about the power of prayer, and the love of Christ. My daughter because she has taught me that all thing are possible with Christ. Ms. Sherry , who never fails to know just when I need  hug and a word of  scripture. Debra who has taught me the true meaning of friendship, and sisters in Christ. Beth who was the first to reach out to me in a new church.You'll never know just how much that meant to me!!! And last but not least my sister who may have taught me most of all,
that others may persecute me , and hurt me , but for me to be a strong christian woman who holds her head up  and push on for the work of the Lord. 

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I am amazed!!!

As I sit here tonight as my husband started preparing dinner,my  7 yr old son asks,"Daddy , can I help? " To this my husband replies, "Of course." I sit here and wonder just how long it will take before my 5 yr old daughter comes to help too. Awww , here she comes now!!! Do I know my kids are what?  For anyone who doesn't know , to have a husband who knows his way around a kitchen is a blessing!!! Mine can cook with the best of them! I am sitting here watching my daughter break the eggs into a bowl and my son dipping the chicken in the flour, and my hearts just swells with love and joy for these two beautiful children. I find myself amazed that God would trust me with these two perfect gifts and leave them in my care to raise in the path that should go.  I pray daily for the ability to take the right steps, to think before I react(in any situation) and be the example they need to see.To love their father, to be his help mate, to show them the love and support of our christian home, to treat  unkind people kindly, to reach out to help others, to always be honest,    
to put God first in my life, so that they see through HIM all things are possible!
I am amazed that I get the honor to be their Mommy!!! I couldn't ask for a better job! Thank you Lord, for choosing me to be their Mother!

Daily Prayer

Dear Lord,
make me an instrument of peace.
 where there is hatred allow me to give Love.
 where there is offense allow me to Forgive.
 where there is disagreement allow me to give Harmony.
 where there is error allow me to tell the Truth.
 where there is doubt allow me to give Faith.
 where there is desperation allow me to give Hope.
 where there is haze allow me to give Light.
 where there is sadness allow me to find Happiness.

                                        Author Unknown( to me anyway)

A major change in my life!

I was diagnosed at the age of 14 with ovarian cysts.They caused me  a great amount of pain throughout my teenage years. Drs put me on medicine to shrink them ,but I still had a lot of issues with them.I was told that I would never be able to have children or carry them to term.That pregnancy would be dangerous for me and the baby. You see this was devastating to me because even at 14 I knew one day I wanted to get married and have kids. I was heart broken!
 I was saved at the age of 13 in a little country church in Occone County. I grew up in church, and I have seen God heal many, save the lost(such as I), and do what seemed  impossible. I knew the importance of prayer through praying parents, and am blessed because of it...I prayed that God would one day allow me to have a precious child of my own. 
As I grew up as many teens do, I thought I could do it my way. I still went to church and I still prayed but Monday through Saturday I had no time for God...I was headed down the wrong path FAST!!!  At the age of 19 I got into a relationship with a guy WAY TOO OLD for me!!!!! He was in his 30's..and also unknown to me seriously hooked on drugs. When I found out I thought my "love" and my " being a christian " could change him..WRONG!!! I spent 3 years of my life with this guy.He would hit me and rage when he didn't have money for his next "hit"  He would show up at my job and demand my paycheck.. I always heard I am sorry after each hit or smack, or busted lip... I won't do it again..but it never failed it would happen again. He had pulled me so far into his world I lost contact with my parents. But I still knew the power of prayer..I prayed , "GOD, If you will please just give me a window of time to get away from him, I will go and never look back." And HE did.This guy was arrested on a probation charge and I went home to my parents.Thank you Lord!!! Shortly after I met a man , who befriended me. I was afraid of men (excluding of course my daddy)at this point. He was so nice and gentle and he really listened when I spoke . Well this relationship went too fast and I found out I was pregnant!!! Shock to me because I thought I couldn't get pregnant. The guy said it wasn't his of course so here I am at 23 , living at home , pregnant, and afraid. I prayed for God wisdom and direction and soon I knew I could not continue down the path I was on.I refused to bring my child into that world. I got myself right back into church and rededicated my life to Jesus!! God had blessed me with my heart's desire and I wasn't going to let HIM down. I named my son Malachi , which means mesagger of God, and you know what he is ...if not for him where would I be...I got the message and got my life back on track !!!   To God be the Glory! 

Monday, August 2, 2010

A little more about me.

I wanted to start off with telling you a little more about myself  and how I got to where I am today. I grew up in Madison County. I met Steven (my husband), when I was 9 years old.We lived on the same street.Never would I have imagined one day he would be my husband or the father to my children. Funny thing is when we were kids he dug 4 holes in the ground and buried my sister,my cousin, his sister , and me up to our heads.When he went to dig us out ,he hit me in the foot with the shovel and cut it open.(Funny because my husband is now a GRAVEDIGGER AND DIGS HOLES FOR A LIVING!)I still have the scar! he tells everyone he marked me so he could find me later in life!!! 15 years later I saw Steven again  at my uncle's funeral.I had not long gotten out of the hospital from a brown recluse spider bite and and my foot was bandaged. Steven's first words to me were "I didn't do that!!" LOL. Within months we were inseperatable.  He truly became my best friend! I already had a son  but 1 yr and 2 months later we were married and had just had a beautiful baby girl to our family. It has now been over 5 yrs together and he is still enough for me!!! I can not imagine my life without him! I couldn't ask for a better father to my children.

Welcome to my Blog!!!

Welcome to my blog..I have thought alot about this blog and the purpose for it. I choose to use this as a way to share with others THE LOVE AND MERCY of my Lord Jesus Christ. I am not a very good public speaker so this gives me a way to share my testimony with others, offer christian advice  and prayer, and connect with other people! I hope you enjoy!