Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I am amazed!!!

As I sit here tonight as my husband started preparing dinner,my  7 yr old son asks,"Daddy , can I help? " To this my husband replies, "Of course." I sit here and wonder just how long it will take before my 5 yr old daughter comes to help too. Awww , here she comes now!!! Do I know my kids are what?  For anyone who doesn't know , to have a husband who knows his way around a kitchen is a blessing!!! Mine can cook with the best of them! I am sitting here watching my daughter break the eggs into a bowl and my son dipping the chicken in the flour, and my hearts just swells with love and joy for these two beautiful children. I find myself amazed that God would trust me with these two perfect gifts and leave them in my care to raise in the path that should go.  I pray daily for the ability to take the right steps, to think before I react(in any situation) and be the example they need to see.To love their father, to be his help mate, to show them the love and support of our christian home, to treat  unkind people kindly, to reach out to help others, to always be honest,    
to put God first in my life, so that they see through HIM all things are possible!
I am amazed that I get the honor to be their Mommy!!! I couldn't ask for a better job! Thank you Lord, for choosing me to be their Mother!

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